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Main functions of online Linux-based web hosting control panel 

Hosting a new website is a challenging task to almost every beginner to the Linux operating system-based web hosting control panel. It is the right time to focus on the cPanel and decide on how to properly use it. The cPanel is an online Linux-based control panel for hosting the website. This outstanding panel provides automation tools and a graphical interface designed for simplifying the overall website hosting process. The three-tier structure is used by the cPanel to provide the complete capabilities for administrators, end-user website owners and resellers to control different aspects of website and administrate website via a standard web browser.  

Focus on the main attractions of cPanel  

cPanel has the graphical user interface along with the command line and application programming interface-based access which lets the web hosting companies, third-party software vendors and developers to automate the standard system administration processes. The WebHost Manager is useful to function as a virtual private server or a dedicated server. The latest major version of cPanel supports different applications like BIND (DNS), Perl, MySQL, PHP and Apache. On the other hand, email-based supports of cPanel are SMTP, POP3 and IMAP services.  

Reputable hosting companies provide cPanel web hosting control panel to owners or administrators of websites to manage the website from the user-friendly interface. A graphical interface of this program assists users to control the portion of the UNIX server. Users of this tool simplify the way to run and control their websites. Both administrators and end users can control the server and website via the browser in different aspects.  They get the most expected benefits from a proper use of this modern and user-friendly system.

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