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What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Server?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is Microsoft’s proprietary protocol developed to assist the application data transfer security as well as the encryption between the client users, a virtual network server and also the devices. This particular protocol actually enables a remote user to add the best range of the graphical user interface (GUI) to another desktop computer.

About RDP

This remote desktop protocol is highly compatible with a wide range of LAN protocols & also topologies based on the ITU-T.120 protocol set. Thus, it supports up to 64,000 different data channels with the condition for the multiple point transmission. Whenever you are considering the key functions of RDP protocol, they include initialization of the connections, negotiation capabilities and also the transfer of data between the servers and clients. It gives greater range of support for the following different services.

Here are the main functions of RDP protocol:

  • Audio, port, printer and file redirection

  • User keyboard and mouse data encryption

  • Clipboard sharing between the local client and a remote server

  • Remote desktop services (RDS) that provides the best RDP functionality through Windows

  • Remote desktop applications run on the various client machines using the specialized remote desktop connection.

At the same time, RDP offers varied features such as Windows Media Player (WMP) redirection, Aeroglass remoting, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications & remoting and multiple monitor support. This protocol is also implemented on different non-Microsoft platforms. Everyone can make use of remote desktop protocol in a safer manner on the remote networks by just routing a protocol. Users can establish a remote desktop connection without virtual private network (VPN) tunnelling or any significant firewall changes.

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